About Us Meet Seedcopter

We are India’s first commercial company in the arena of UAV aerial seeding. Seedcopter is born out of the our need for a futuristic and scalable solution to restore forests in the aftermath of loss, fragmentation and mismanagement. We aim to expedite reforestation leveraging UAV, AI, Data Science and Community knowledge.


Born in the indigenous Mising tribe, he planted and re-generated an entire forest (now named after him as Molai forest). He believes forests give us life and he is our inspiration for his perseverance and compassion.

Jadav Payeng

Padma Shri, Social Activist

He has been collecting seeds since his childhood and has lost count of number of trees he has planted in the past five decades. He is our inspiration for his foresight.

Daripalli Ramaiah

Padma Shri, Social Activist

This 107-year-old lady has planted over 385 banyan trees covering long distances over foot and nurtured them till they took root. She is our inspiration for her vision and reach.

Saalumurada Timmakka

Padma Shri, Socail Activist


I believe that technology is what aids in attaining sustainability on Earth. I am very excited about putting that belief into practice with Seedcopter.

Prem Kumar

A techie by heart and training, I love adopting and applying technology to real world situations - my brand of giving back to society. Seedcopter is doing exactly that.

Suraj Peddi

Society and Community is my angle with Seecopter. Here, we are bringing community and technology together in a bid to attain sustainable cohabitation.

Sai Kumar

I am an ambivert who is passionate about people but equally loves being secluded within Nature. Here at Seedcopter, I get to work towards both.


I’m sensitive ‘in nature’. The only chance we can reduce our carbon footprint is by respecting nature and restoring it. Seedcopter it is.


Hey Guys! I am an amateur nature enthusiast. I simply love the peace and quiet of the forest. Seedcopter is my hope for next generations to experience the same.


Drones are what I am here for. I live to design and fly application specific creations. With Seedcopter, I do both.


Drone designing is my specialty. Seedcopter works on tailoring drones to this specific application and that is why I am here!



Kiran Darisi

Co-Founder & VP of Engineering at Freshworks


Co-Founder & Sr. Principal Engineer at Freshworks


Ajit Ragnekar

Director General, Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad & Former ISB Dean

Dr. T.G. Sitharam

Director, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati


Bhubesh Kumar

Director - Food & Agri, Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad

Murali Talasila

Partner & Innovation Leader, PwC

Let us Together Restore the Greener Earth.